Cryptocurrency: $6 million per day in just 3 days of placement – daily circulation of a token created by a child

A 12-year-old child created The RandomDao token for training and in 3 days the daily turnover amounted to $ 6,000,000

Huang Zheng is a simple 12-year-old kid from China who released his “The RandomDao” (RND) token as training to learn the Solidity programming language. The token began trading on exchanges and in a couple of days reached a trading volume of $6,000,000 daily.

Young Huang opened his website and posted on twitter steps to learn a programming language to run on Ethereum.
He issued his token based on the Ethereum blockchain in the amount of 37.8 trillion RND. 12% of which was left to mom and dad, 50% is supposed to be distributed to users, the rest will be mined.

On March 13, the RND token appeared on crypto exchanges. And immediately went a large volume of trading. 6 million dollars a day on average token turnover. Orders to buy and sell have already been placed for $28 million.

But do not rush to go and buy this token! Huang Zheng writes on his Twitter that he has nothing to do with the promotion of the token, he did not create many groups, communities, lotteries and other things to popularize the token.
This is very similar to a pump (artificial short-term inflation of the price of tokens or cryptocurrencies, in order to skim off the hype). And it will be followed by a dump with a probability of 99% (a sharp sale of a large batch of tokens and, as a result, a price collapse).

Despite this, a very interesting story of how children’s curiosity and interest in new technologies leads to such significant results.

Ola Peterson

Written by Ola Peterson

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