Made for You

Maybe the AI’s have become more human than humans? Funny story about humanity on “Made for You” written by an AI.

Story “Made for You”

Once upon a time in a world not too far from ours, every product and service was made for each person individually. It was a world of absolute customization, where everything from a person’s toothbrush to their car was designed specifically for them.

At first, people were ecstatic about this new world of “Made for You”. They couldn’t wait to see what new and exciting products would be created just for them. But as time went on, they began to realize that this personalized world wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

For starters, everything was becoming much too complicated. People had to spend hours filling out questionnaires, providing measurements, and choosing the perfect color combinations for their products. And that was just the beginning. With so many options to choose from, people began to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Next, people began to realize that their customized products weren’t making them happy. They found that they didn’t like the color they had chosen, or that their car wasn’t as comfortable as they thought it would be. And to make matters worse, they discovered that they couldn’t return their products because they were “Made for You”.

Despite all of these issues, people still continued to use the “Made for You” products and services. They felt that they had no choice, because everything was so tailored to their individual needs and preferences. But what they didn’t realize was that this personalized world was slowly but surely driving them crazy.

One day, a wise old sage appeared on the scene. He looked around at all of the unhappy people and said, “You have all become slaves to your own customization. You have lost sight of what truly makes you happy.”

And with that, the people finally realized the truth. They realized that what they really wanted was not a world of absolute customization, but a world where they could be themselves and find happiness in the simple things. They began to reject their “Made for You” products and services and embrace the things that truly made them happy, like spending time with their loved ones and enjoying the beauty of nature.

And so, in this world of “Made for You”, the people finally discovered that sometimes, the simplest things in life are the ones that bring the most joy. And that’s a lesson that we can all learn from.

Ola Peterson

Written by Ola Peterson

Ola Peterson is a senior writer for eDieta's Horoscopes and Celebrities sections and lives in Toronto.
A very inquisitive person who is fascinated by the world of stars and celebrities.
Can make you an individual horoscope. Has been doing horoscopes professionally for over 8 years. And she has been following celebrities all her life.

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