How to make a backup in WhatsApp?

How to make a backup in WhatsApp?

Creating a backup is an amazing option, you can read all the information from the WhatsApp messenger! Be sure to use the opportunity offered by the developers. We will talk about restoring deleted messages, but first we will talk about how to make a backup – otherwise you will not understand how to read deleted messages in Whatsapp.

So, setting up backup on Android and IPhone:

  • Open the messenger and go to the settings section;
  • Look for the “Chats” window»;
  • Go to the line “Backup»;
  • Set automatic copying – weekly, daily, every month;
  • Go to the “Create a copy” section»;
  • Select the save period and start the process.

Very important! For Android users, you must:

  • Install Google Play services;
  • Log in to your Google account on your smartphone.

If you use an IPhone, you need to:

  • Activate an AI cloud account with a working Apple ID;
  • Enable iCloud Drive (version eight and higher) or Documents and data (version seven).

Be sure to use one phone number – it must be specified when registering an Apple or Google account, as well as when creating a WhatsApp profile.

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