How to get an invite to the Clubhouse for free

How to get an invite to the Clubhouse for free

There was a boom of another social network. But you won’t be able to beat Clubhouse right away just by downloading the app and registering.

You can go to the social network only if you are invited there by a person (who is already a user, but has not yet distributed his 2 received invites)

Here I will describe how to get an invitation to the Clubhouse.

1. Go to the telegram chat, click “join”

2. Click on the link, fill out the form

Check the boxes everywhere, leave your @ username from telegram, don’t forget the “@” before the username, and enter your future name in the clubhouse.

Click send.

After you click submit, your @username will automatically appear in this table

3. Go to the following form

Enter your @username from telegram do not forget the “@” before the username, here your name must completely match what you entered in the form that was in step 2.

After you have entered your @username, I advise you to click on the “Submit” button every 5 minutes, so that your online status in the table is always “yes” (showing that you are online).

4. We are waiting for the cherished message in the telegram

Now, having done all of the above, you need to keep an open telegram at hand, or just turn on notifications.

You will write in the personal telegram person with the message “write your number”, you write him your phone number. Next, the person must send you an invitation. If you received a text message, congratulations, you have received an invitation.

Download the app and go in

Click ” Have an invite text? Sing in”? and enter your phone number, that’s all, you have registered in the Clubhouse.

5. Share the invite with others!!!

We go back to the Google table and look for 2 @usernames that have the online status “YES”,we knock them in the telegram personal account with the phrase “write a number”, they write you their phone number.

IMPORTANT! Add their phone numbers directly to your phone contacts.

We go to the Clubhouse and at the very top, almost in the middle, an Envelope will be drawn, click on it, find two people from the entire list that you have added to your contacts and click “Invite” next to their contacts, after which they should also receive a text message with an invitation.

Go to this form and fill in all three fields

That’s all, nothing complicated)

Write in the comments about the successful receipt of invitations in the Clubhouse.

Antoine Durand

Written by Antoine Durand

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