Soulmate: What a soulmates meaning, how to meet, signs and types

Soulmate: What a soulmates meaning, how to meet, signs and types

What soulmate meaning

Richard Webster, the writer on the subject of soulmates, has a very interesting insight:

“A soulmate relationship is a bond between two people that has existed throughout many reincarnations, in which the partners help each other to learn certain lessons and fulfill the tasks set by each particular life”.

Throughout life: we make plans, we create projects, events, our reality. Just as now we plan something very important and obligatory, so our souls in the other world plan this life, create events, gather certain souls into one team to accomplish special tasks.

We come into this life, grow, develop, learn professions, gain certain skills. And, when the moment of important events comes – the period for which the task was planned, then completely different people, like-minded people, those who think on the same wave and act together, begin to gather.

“A soulmate is someone who shares our deepest aspirations, the direction we have chosen. If the two of us are like balloons moving upward, there is a very good chance that we have found the right person in each other” – Richard Bach

It’s quite common to see two souls interacting in different periods of their existence on the Earth. Each time they come in different roles, aspects, can change and come in both male and female bodies, and can interact in same-sex bodies.

It’s not just married couples-it’s partners on a lifelong task. Even earlier, somewhere else, they have agreed to come into this world at the same time and interact in certain events, to perform the special task required at that time.

Often there can be global events that change the course of history, or just interaction in the same clan, incarnating in the same family, but in different roles.

As a rule, kindred souls try themselves in many aspects, and through a variety of lessons, gain valuable experience. It is quite possible that they have agreed in one of their lives to meet after death, and the Universe gives them a convenient option and brings them together in the next incarnation.

“Perhaps you will communicate throughout your entire incarnation. Maybe you will become co-partners, co-companions, co-creators on your Path of destination. And that is beautiful in all appropriateness!” – Richard Webster.

Each of us has four types of soulmates, and here’s how to recognize them

“Soulmates are the most important people we meet on life’s journey. After all, they are the ones who break down all the walls and make us wake up. But to live with them always? Oh, no. That is too painful. A kindred soul enters life to discover another part of yourself, and … to leave,”
Elizabeth Gilbert.

We meet our soulmate (or spiritual partner) at a time when we least expect it. These are the people who are essentially a reflection of us: they point out mistakes and help us stay on the Path.

The challenge is to recognize your soulmate in a series of faces and voices. If you manage this task and establish a deep emotional connection with such a person, you will have unseen opportunities.

So, to begin with, there are four types of soulmates. Which of them you will meet is impossible to predict. But once you become acquainted with the main characteristics of each, you certainly won’t pass by:

1. Soul Healers

These are usually friends meant to help you learn life lessons. They also help heal wounds from the past.

The best part is that the soul healers appear at the exact moment when you would be lost without their help. It’s as if someone is sending them from heaven, like kind angels.

They heal us and teach us how to move on. But one day you are surprised to find that your friendships are inexplicably waning. Do not be angry and do not look for the guilty: just a kindred soul-healer has fulfilled its task, and therefore can leave. It is possible that to someone who needs help.

So how to recognize such a person?

The very first sign is the incredible speed with which your relationship develops. You become related and close in just a few hours. What is remarkable – on the very day you lose faith in fixing anything in your life.

How do you save a relationship?

Don’t forget: this friendship won’t last, no matter how much you wish otherwise. Enjoy your relationship, work on it, appreciate each other. But don’t build “castles in the sand”: one day it will be over. But only when you’ve learned your lesson and gained the strength to move on – on your own.

Also be prepared for the fact that relationships won’t always be smooth. There will be periods of understanding and intimacy, but there will also be quarrels and misunderstandings. Don’t worry: this is normal. It’s always like that with friends. The main thing is that the time you spend together will be fruitful for you.

2. Soulmates from a past life

You may have loved or been very close to these people in a past life. Or were close friends. One thing is clear: both are so good together that you feel as if you have known each other for 200 years. You may even feel like you’ll be friends forever, no matter how many miles or years separate you. And you are not wrong: the friendship with this type of soulmate is likely to last a lifetime. Such people do not leave, such – do not leave.

Your relationships will be easy and unclouded, but at the same time will motivate you to develop. They will teach you to believe in yourself and trust other people. You will talk about everything in the world, raise any “uncomfortable” questions. No restrictions or inhibitions! After all, you will be accepted for who you really are. Down with masks and pretense!

Friends like these help you grow and develop. Before you know it you’ll be what you were meant to be. They will always be there to help you through the storms and trials boldly and with dignity.

You may be tempted to turn this friendship into a romantic relationship, but don’t even try. Soulmates from a past life have a completely different mission. It’s not even a desire to maintain friendship, but even in the banal absence of physical attraction.

How do you recognize such a person?

You meet a soulmate from the past exclusively at the moment when you finally become yourself and stop pretending to be someone else. They show up when you are more honest with yourself than ever. They will always be on your side, no matter what happens. No matter what you dream about and no matter what you have in mind – a soulmate will support and help.

Such a friendship will last a lifetime, so you have decades of wonderful union ahead of you.

How to save the relationship?

Keep in touch – always. Even if you’re separated by cities or oceans. Don’t take the time to call or write them once in a while. It’s important for a soulmate from the past to know that you remember and appreciate them.

You don’t have to call them-they will come to your aid when you need it. They will dispel any clouds – as long as you have a smile on your face and eyes shining with joy.

As long as they are there, we will never forget our true purpose. Their purpose is to help us become the best copy of ourselves.

3. Karmic soulmates

These people are also connected with us from the past life. And this connection is incredible in its power. It is often painful, because it forces us to put down our Ego. But this pain can and must be endured – this is the essence. How? Work on the relationship and learn to overcome the suffering.

How do you recognize such a person?

The connection with karmic soulmates is like the connection between twins. You literally feel each other’s joys and sorrows.

Often such people are reincarnations from the past who have been born again to use karma to break the vicious circle of negativity in which you find yourself.

How do you save your relationship?

Appreciate and cherish the energy that you get thanks to your soulmate. To do that you’re going to have to tame your ego a little. Focus on the positives of your friendship-this will help change your life without pain or suffering.

Your love for your partner should be unconditional, though your ego will do everything it can to prevent this. Your openness and kindness will help your soulmate feel free and at ease. This means they will trust you wholeheartedly.

4. “Twin halves”.

These people come into your life to help you overcome emotional and spiritual barriers to growth and development. You’ll talk for hours and still not have enough to say. No matter how many topics you discuss, there will always be new and even more important ones. The “twin” souls can easily follow up on any suggestion you make. They understand you better than you do.

The meeting with such “twin soulmates” will return to you a sense of wholeness. The fact is that the luck of meeting your “soulmate” is very rare. And if you belong to such people, you can enjoy this relationship to the end of your days.

How do you know such a person?

You will have the feeling that you know your soulmate for many years. Therefore, the very thought that you can separate – will seem wild. You have never experienced this kind of intimacy before. It feels like you – one person.

How to save the relationship?

The most important thing in such a union – always be honest. You will always be easy and simple with each other, so the main thing – just stay always open. You do not even need words to understand each other. Remain always yourself – that’s the truest advice.

All of the above types of soulmate connections do not rule out a painful breakup. Such is life. But in any case, no matter how your relationship ends – these souls will leave their mark in your life forever.

Any relationship that taught you something is already a great success. And it doesn’t have to last forever…

5 differences between soulmate and twin flame

There are many misconceptions associated with the words “soulmate” and “twin flame”. A soulmate is a person who has come into your life to educate, enrich, push, and move you to a higher level of being and consciousness. The other half is your companion whom you trust and depend on in life.

5 differences between soulmate and twin flame

1. The soulmate comes to give you a lesson

Soulmates come into your life in the guise of friends, family members and loved ones. They fill us with love and desire that we need to learn. Once their mission and tasks are complete, soulmates usually leave your life, often leaving a great deal of pain in your heart.

With your other half, you have similar interests in life. Such a person is a support, a source of strength and support, encouraging risk-taking. In contrast to the soulmate, the other half stays with you, regardless of the obstacles and difficulties that loom ahead. The other half is spiritually and emotionally connected, with no selfishness in their behavior.

2. There is a huge difference between relationships

Soulmates are connected by a deep connection of heart and mind. They hurt the ego and bring confusion. The relationship with them is strong and full of transitions. These beautiful experiences usually end in heartbreak. Soulmates provide a karmic lesson to be learned in this incarnation.

The other half appears when one loves and accepts oneself. You no longer have an unexplained emptiness to fill. And the other half has the same situation. They stay for a long time.

“The task of the soulmate is to shake you up, to blow your ego to smithereens, to expose your problems and weaknesses, to break and open your heart so that it is flooded with new light, to bring you to such despair and uncontrollability that you have to change your life.”

Elizabeth Gilbert.

3. It is an attraction for which there is no time limit

When you meet your soulmate, you feel like you’ve known that person all your life. You understand each other and think in similar ways. The stories of your childhood coincide. From this point, the relationship between soulmates begins to strengthen. It is a “recognition” that magically draws you to each other. This relationship can be chaotic and destructive as you mirror each other’s flaws and habits.

Whereas the other half has a different life path and experience. These differences strengthen the emotional connection. You want to get to know and learn more from each other. You feel at ease with your other half, and it turns into a deep and lasting friendship. The love grows every day.

“Souls plan important meetings long before bodies meet.”

Paulo Coelho.

4. A soulmate intuitively senses you

A deeper connection is established between mind and feeling. You know each other’s thoughts and desires. Soulmates don’t need words to convey ideas and feelings. They have been through the same things you have been through. They understand what you are experiencing.

The other halves are drawn to each other physically, and they are eager to learn about each other’s values. The relationship is based more on logical and intellectual impulses than emotional ones, driven by soulmates and full of ups and downs.

5. You meet your soulmate after a difficult life experience

Soulmates come at the appointed time when something needs to be completed. Such relationships teach us invaluable lessons. Love between soulmates is full of enthusiasm and, at times, difficult obstacles. Both are trying to find their footing in a relationship that brings out the best and worst in each.

Relationships with the other half are easy. They are made without effort. They are strengthened in the everyday events of the day. Such a union is not ruled by the past or the future. There is only the present. Such relationships transition into healthy marriages because both partners are willing to become one, while maintaining individuality and personal qualities.

There is a high probability that your soulmate may become a soulmate. It is also possible that the relationship with your life partner will turn into a deep soul connection. The biggest difference between your other half and your soulmate is that you choose one and not the other. You can’t say that one kind of relationship is better than the other. Your soulmate and connection give birth to a special attachment. Every person who comes into your life teaches or learns from you.

20 signs that you have met your soulmate


When you communicate with your soulmate, you feel as if you have one soul for two. So good and peaceful you feel. You start a sentence, he continues it. You don’t have to go into a long explanation, there is an understanding a priori. He believes in you and your future. When he’s around, you know everything will be okay.


Even if you’ve only recently met, he easily picks up words to comfort you. His mere presence makes you feel better.
You don’t have to pretend to be strong and independent. Your soulmate senses when you’re having a hard time and doesn’t demand details if you don’t want to talk. When you need advice, he’s willing to discuss any problems.


Your soulmate always tells you the truth, even if it’s unpleasant. Together you are not afraid of anything. You know that you can always rely on this person, he will not betray you and will not spit in the back. In addition, he communicates with you delicately, and doesn’t throw the truth in your face, but brings it up gently, like a towel. Giving you time to accept it.

Wanting to talk for hours

You can’t get enough of talking, even if you’ve met recently. You are interested not only in what is going on around you, but also in what is hidden from prying eyes. You like to discuss internal processes, share revelations. You can tell him absolutely everything. After reading an interesting book, you already know for whom you will prepare a review.

The absence of serious quarrels

Unlike a romantic relationship, where you both often have to compromise to avoid conflict, arguments with a soulmate are less painful. That’s because an argument between two soulmates is like having a serious conversation with yourself. You can’t argue with your reflection in the mirror, can you?


You are attracted to each other not in the physical sense, but in the platonic sense. You want to share news, sorrows and joys with each other. The connection between you is so strong that it seems as if your lives are inseparable. Just being around brings happiness.


Your soulmate experiences life’s hard situations, moneylessness, breakups, disappointments and family problems with you. You know that even if you’re in a fight, your soulmate won’t rejoice in your failures, but will accept your pain as his own.


You always feel like you’re not alone. When you’re short on energy or motivation and in the middle of the night you’re greedily peering into the bowels of the refrigerator, your soulmate reminds you that every extra eclair will be visible under your wedding dress. You know that even if you put your hands down, you’ll get help.

Lack of judgment

You can share anything with your soulmate. Leaving after the club to go see your ex? Not the smartest thing to do, but your soulmate won’t censure you for inappropriate behavior. Everyone makes mistakes. You can be totally open, share your deepest secrets without fear of hearing back, “Awful! I didn’t expect this from you!”

Similar interests

You have more in common than in difference. You can have different hobbies, but have the same temperament, which, for example, you pacify, dancing, and your soulmate prefers to blow off steam at the racetrack. You have the same values and morals.


Your soulmate doesn’t look at you through rose-colored glasses. He knows exactly what you are, your virtues and flaws. But he accepts you and loves you fervently, regardless of your triumphs and failures. He sees your flaws as the features that make you you.


You just like each other. Externally and internally. When you first met, your soulmate instantly hooked you. And you instantly reacted (maybe not entirely positively), she didn’t leave you indifferent. As you got to know each other, you realized that you were very comfortable and interesting together. Not because it’s worse somewhere else, no, you completely cover each other’s needs, there’s no need to look for someone else.

There is no envy or jealousy

You don’t care how much money, clothes, kids or husbands someone has. You know you can tell your soulmate about your grand success and your joy will be multiplied a hundredfold. He’s not jealous of you, he’s not trying to get rich, and he wants you to get better and stronger every day.


Your soulmate is fighting with her boyfriend and hysterically rifling through her suitcases, and you, on the other side of the globe, are awake with anxiety. Sometimes you feel like you read each other’s minds. You like the same style of clothing and repeatedly there have been situations where you buy a new suit, and she comes to your meeting in the same one.

You have a similar sense of humor

You have a lot of common local jokes. You do not get bored, because the reason to laugh is on its own. A sense of humor in a platonic relationship works the same way attraction works in a romantic relationship – it creates chemistry.


You’re willing to give everything you have without expecting anything in return, but you’re always paid back in kind. Your soulmate protects you in every way possible. If someone somewhere in the general company speaks ill of you, she will not listen in silence to retell it later. Your soulmate will take care of your reputation.

Lack of competition

You don’t compete with each other professionally or personally. You inspire each other to achieve goals, genuinely support and encourage each other. One clear indicator that this is “your man” – his successes do not cause even white envy.


It does not matter if you have families, children and other very important commitments, you are always present in each other’s lives. If a situation happens when your soulmate has to choose between her business and you, she will weigh everything carefully, and not wave her hand at you: “Oh, think of it, a friend! It’s the precious hubby that counts!”

Lack of awkwardness

You are comfortable even to be silent. During a conversation there are no awkward pauses. If the topic has exhausted itself, you can calmly switch to a new one or enjoy the silence. You don’t have to constantly think up entertainments for something to unite you.

Spiritual growth

When life challenges you, your soulmate encourages you not to give up under the pressure of circumstance. You teach each other to accept bad experiences as lessons you need to learn so you don’t repeat your mistakes. You are a kind of teacher to each other and are willing to provide help and support, even when the rest of the world has turned against you.

How to meet a soulmate

If you really want to meet your soulmate, start doing these five things

This meeting does not happen by chance, but when you are ready for it.

When you meet your soulmate, it’s not by accident, but when you’re really ready for it. And it is just this factor that you can affect.

Why does it happen that way? Imagine that you met the love of your life, but met when you are not ready for it. What happens then? Here’s what happens: you gradually begin to derail the relationship, sometimes without realizing it. Therefore, if you want the relationship to be wonderful, long and stable, it is worth to start by doing your “homework.

If you want a truly meaningful and deep relationship, you have to start with yourself. Yes, yes, you need to look into your own soul and work on yourself to make it easier for your “other half” to come into your life.

1. Take a closer look at your behavior patterns

Patterns of behavior are those characteristic sequences of actions and deeds that we borrow from our relatives, friends and environment in general. These patterns guide our decisions and the way we react to certain situations.

For example, if your parents’ relationship was by no means kind and loving, it is likely that you will subconsciously assume that this is normal, and this will create similar conflicts already with your partner. If as a child you are constantly told that you’re not smart or beautiful enough, it may lead to low self-esteem, to the fact that in the presence of others, you will feel uncomfortable.

If you understand the patterns of behavior that govern your life, it will give you the freedom to do what you want – not what you are “programmed” to do.

2. Know Yourself

Yes, this sounds like a clich√©, but it’s not really necessary. You really need to know yourself for real. What does that mean? It means you have to know your own values, standards, what you like and what you don’t like, what kind of life you’d most like to live and what is most important to you. If you don’t, you can easily get “lost” in the other person when you get into a relationship.

Imagine, for example, that you dream to travel around the world, but then you meet a partner who most of all values peace and quiet, and wants to settle down, having a house with a garden. He doesn’t want to leave the country, and you…you’re not going to travel the world without him, are you? If you feel like you love him, it might seem like an acceptable sacrifice, but as the years of your life together go by one by one, you’re bound to feel like you’ve betrayed your dream by letting someone else make your decisions for you.

So it’s better to know in advance what you really want, so that you don’t end up hurting yourself for the years you’ve wasted.

3. Try to reconcile with yourself. Take off those masks that you put on, to please others

Only when you begin to enjoy time alone with yourself will you remove the barrier that keeps a kindred soul from entering your life. If you think of the time you spend without your soulmate as just waiting for her, it is likely that you are subconsciously pushing her away.

You tell yourself that this person, whom you have never seen or met even virtually, is more important than you and your life. That only after you meet him will you become a full and complete person. In fact, there’s nothing sexier than a man who respects himself, lives his own life and understands that he doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else, whether he’s in a relationship or not.

4. Stop waiting – do what you have always dreamed of doing

Start working on making your dream come true. If you want to change jobs, travel or renovate your apartment, don’t wait for signs from above. Don’t put life on hold for someone else. Believe me, if you give up on your dream, after you will feel very bad about it.

So right now, take a piece of paper and a pen, write down all the things you dream of doing, and then choose from them the things you can do (or start doing) here and now. If you make your life full and fulfilling, it will be much easier to attract true love into your life.

5. Determine what your idea of the ideal partner should be

Make your own list of qualities that you think your soulmate should have. When you have a clear idea of what you want and work to achieve it, such determination can work wonders. Be as specific as you want to be, but don’t forget to write down exactly how you want to feel in that person’s company.

You have your own standards, and you shouldn’t settle for someone just because you don’t want to be alone.

The Ideal SoulMate for Every Zodiac Sign

Soulmates are predestined to us by the stars – from above!

Have you ever wondered if astrology can help you determine which sign of the Zodiac is your true soulmate?

So if you’re on the lookout for a SoulMate or are hesitant, take a good look at the advice for your sign. The fact is that even soulmates are predestined to us by the stars – from above.

So, without further ado: we present you a list of those traits and characteristics that a soulmate should have for representatives of one or another sign of the Zodiac.


The ideal soulmate: a confident person with whom you will literally go head-to-head.

Those born under the sign of Aries are proactive and enterprising. They are first to respond to the newest trends and changes in society, catch them and just rush forward. Therefore, they have no time to babysit the slow and hesitant people who only drag them backwards.

Representatives of this sign need a partner who will keep up with them and fly to the heights and accomplishments. Their ideal soulmate is someone who is very confident, and most importantly, persistent and not afraid to take risks.

Potential soulmates are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.


The perfect soulmate: a loyal and romantic person who looks only to Taurus.

Those born under this sign are very loyal. If they have already loved someone with all their soul, they will remain faithful for the rest of their lives. But Taurus expects exactly the same behavior from their partner. Their ideal soulmate is someone who can be trusted under any circumstances in life. They need a straightforward and open person, not a fan of confusing puzzles and mind games. It’s not even that Taurus is not interested in this, they simply don’t have time for it.

Representatives of this sign love romantic natures that will make them feel singular and unique.

Potential soulmates are Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces.


Ideal soulmate: a very intelligent person with a good sense of humor. Obligatory – dynamic and inquisitive.

Representatives of this sign are quite picky in choosing a partner. Therefore, if they already decided to date someone, it should be a special person. Not like the others and not boring! Their ideal soulmate is someone who is funny and funny, intelligent and interesting. At the same time, the partner should not be similar to the Twins, otherwise they will get bored and… run away.

Potential soulmates are Leo, Libra, Aries and Aquarius.


The perfect soulmate: an intelligent, tactful, affectionate and sensual person with a big heart.

Cancers have a huge heart. They know how to love like no one else – with all their soul and without looking back. But in order to win the favor of Cancer, should be able to love just the same. Otherwise, he very quickly will feel the falsity or innuendo.

Representatives of this sign need someone truly wise. Only such a person can win their mind. But at the same time – gentle and affectionate enough to make them feel special and loved. Cancer is neither selfish nor self-serving, so they need a caring and determined partner.

Potential soulmates include Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces and Virgo.


Ideal soulmate: a mysterious and confident person who can keep Leo in tone.

Leo’s are attracted to people who are confident and self-sufficient. But they’re also quite mysterious at the same time. A Leo needs someone who is ready to go on adventures with him, without whom he does not make sense of life. But also someone who can intrigue, so Leo just burns with impatience, wondering what will happen next!

Potential soulmates: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aries.


The ideal soulmate: someone who is quite complicated, incomprehensible and very loyal.

Virgo themselves are not simple, so they need complex and refined natures – like an expensive French wine aged twenty years. But at the same time the partner must be very energetic, assertive and ambitious. If you lie on the couch all day and do nothing, then you can not even dream of a Virgo. She needs a creator, not a “piece of furniture” in the room.

Also representatives of this sign very much appreciate loyalty and devotion, because they themselves have these qualities, sometimes even – too much.

Potential soulmates: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus.


The ideal soulmate: a handsome, intelligent and confident person. To be able to match!

When it comes to love, Libras become very scrupulous and capricious. They never agree to casual people. Even if they have to spend half their lives alone to do so!

Their soulmate must meet three criteria at the same time: be attractive in appearance, smart and confident. No more and no less.

Representatives of this sign like everything beautiful, therefore their partner should be really beautiful in appearance. In addition, Libra appreciates the mind, because they themselves are very developed and intelligent. Boring people with a “slow” mind – boring them very quickly. Also Libra needs a confident beloved person to draw his determination and themselves become the same. They simply adore people who know exactly what they want!

Potential soulmates include Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Leo.


The perfect soulmate: someone who can challenge them and won’t be intimidated by their passion.

Scorpios, if they do fall in love, then with all their passion: deeply and unconditionally. But they need someone who can both challenge them and pick up their fire at the same time. Their ideal soulmate is a really deep person with a good imagination. He should feel Scorpio’s nature, but also not reveal all his cards.

Representatives of this sign adore mystery, mysticism, intrigue, and also appreciate wit.

Potential soulmates include Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer.


Ideal soulmate: open-minded, free-spirited. A person who will never even try to change Sagittarius.

Representatives of this sign value freedom more than anything else in the world. This is the “cat that walks by itself.” They are simply infuriated by control or too much attachment. Their ideal soulmate is someone who adores and knows how to have fun, is very open and sincere.

Sagittarius doesn’t have many “cockroaches,” but they don’t need someone to teach them how to live and behave. They don’t need a fix – that’s for sure.

Their soulmate should support them and love them, not nurture them and clip their wings!

Potential soulmates are Leo, Aquarius, Aries, and Libra.


The perfect soulmate: a chic, classy person who can get their attention.

Capricorn becomes extremely picky when it comes to choosing a life partner. For him, the very idea that there might be an “unrelated soulmate” nearby is unacceptable.

Their ideal partner must be really cool, “thoroughbred”, so they can be proud of him. He must also have a high intellect and be able to communicate with Capricorn (or rather, find the key to his difficult character).

And most importantly: Capricorn needs a person he can trust, in whose loyalty he will never have to doubt. That is, a person on whom the untrusting Capricorn can always count!

Potential soulmates: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio.


Ideal soulmate: someone very loyal. Cheerful, but with a touch of cynicism. Also, talented in cooking!

Aquarians love to have fun and joke around. Their beloved should be ready at any second to embark on the craziest adventures. They are also wildly attracted to connoisseurs of black humor and the owners of a sharp mind.

If you can make Aquarius laugh – consider that his heart is already in your “pocket”!

Ability to cook – this is also a big plus, because Aquarians love to eat good food.

Potential soulmates: Libra, Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.


Ideal soulmate: a confident person with a creative and flexible mind.

Pisces live in a world of their own. They never take life too literally or seriously. Their ideal soulmate is someone with a healthy self-confidence, a wild and creative mind, and – the ability to think outside the box.

In fact, they just need someone with whom they can speak the same language. That is – not like everyone else.

Potential soulmates: Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus.

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