The Mystical Test: Are you an Angel or a Demon?

What mystical being/image is hidden in you? A demon, an angel, a fairy, a dragon, a griffin, a phoenix bird or a werewolf.
This mystical test will determine.

Each of us has hidden his own character traits. We behave differently in life. People perceive us differently.
If we exaggerate, we can describe our personality by some mystical being. Which will describe and characterize us.

Are you ready for mysticism? Find out what mythical creature characterizes you? Then proceed to the test.
But don’t take the test too seriously. Don’t get carried away! You are still a human being.:)

Share in the comments what mythical creature you got as a result of passing the test.
Do you agree? Or are you surprised?

Anton Berg

Written by Anton Berg

Editor-in-chief of the website since 2012.
Two higher educations: programming and economics.
Inquisitive person with extensive knowledge in various fields. Erudite person.
Supervises all the materials of the site. Dives deeply into each of the various sections of the site.

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