Trivia Quiz: How many general knowledge quiz questions can you answer?

How wide is your outlook? Do you like to learn more and more new facts about everything in the world?
Are you constantly trying to get new information from general knowledge, taking on reading and watching films about various events in history? Do you like to know how this or that invention came about? How does the world work?
And many many others.

Now you have to plunge into history, cooking, chemistry, geography and cultural studies, literature and much more.

It will be interesting and informative! Join and start this general knowledge quiz and broaden your horizons!

Antoine Durand

Written by Antoine Durand

Antoine Durand is a senior editor for eDieta in the sections Technology, Quezzes, Humor, Polls and Versus and is based in New York.

Such an inquisitive and erudite person has found himself as a writer of quizzes on our website.

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