Trivia Knowledge Quiz: Only a Few Can Answer All Questions

And it’s not clickbait! All questions in this general knowledge quiz will be answered with a maximum of 1 out of 10.

We pulled up philosophy into questions, and literature, and history, and even aircraft engineering. It’s a long enumeration. And there are only 5 questions.
It would seem 7, but the questions are such, the answers to which rarely come across by chance in life. That is why it is almost impossible to answer all the questions of this little quiz on general knowledge.

Do you intend to refute the above statement? Take the quiz and refute! 🙂
Please write in the comments who succeeded;) Or what questions you have problems with.

  • Question of

    What was forbidden in England in the 14th century under the threat of imprisonment?

    • Soccer
    • Wrestling
    • Poker
    • Indecent behavior
  • Question of

    What were cowboy cemeteries called in the 19th century in Western America?

    • Mountain Boot
    • Spur Valley
    • Hills of Lasso
    • Avenue of Heroes
  • Question of

    Complete the phrase of Isocrates: “You cannot learn to think well without learning to *** well”

    • Speak
    • Listen
    • Read
    • Be silent
  • Question of

    Whose pen belongs to the phrase: “The Moor has done his work, the Moor may go”?

    • Friedrich Schiller
    • Johann Goethe
    • William Shakespeare
    • Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Question of

    Where are the aircraft elevators located on a passenger plane?

    • Aircraft tail
    • Trailing edge of an aircraft wing
    • The leading edge of an aircraft wing
    • Aircraft cockpit
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