Filming of the next James Bond movie won’t start for at least two years

Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the James Bond films, has revealed that the series is planning to be “reinvented”. The creators are looking for a new approach to pictures about Agent 007. Filming will not start until 2024.

“Now we are discussing in what direction to develop the series. That’s why there’s no script and there won’t be one until we decide on a new approach. It will be a “reinvention” of Bond. And it’s going to take time.”
– Barbara Broccoli, producer

It’s worth noting that the actor for the role of James Bond has not yet been chosen. There are debates on the network about who will play Agent 007. It is known that the authors decided not to limit the character in ethnicity and race. Previously, the hero was played only by white British men. It is worth noting that the new Bond may also become a non-binary persona.

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