Show all that’s hidden: Hailey Bieber wore a dress with an extra deep cleavage

Show all that's hidden: Hailey Bieber wore a dress with an extra deep cleavage

Streetstyle queen Hailey Bieber posted a photo in a revealing outfit (like it’s her first time, we’re just like babies). The model chose a tight Versace corset dress in vibrant green for the wedding of Lauren Rothberg, the head of her cosmetics brand Rhode. Hailey’s followers are traditionally not spared: the cleavage of the dress is as deep as possible, and the model shows it in all its glory. Then there was just a topless look. But for a wedding it is certainly not an option, and the stars are still aware of this.

Hailey’s makeup turned out in natural pink shades, but oh so seductive too: shadow with wet effect, blush and super glossy lips. In the video, the model clearly shows how to make the same: apply Rhode brand peptide lip treatment balm (what else?) in a shade of watermelon slice, as we understand. It is this miracle product that will create the effect of additional lip volume, moisturize them and give a discreet natural shade. My hand is drawn to the Rhode website and, of course, to like Hailey’s photo, of course.

Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber on Instagram: “love an avocado moment ?”

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