The Most Faithful Zodiac Sign — Who Is It?

Zodiac Signs Ranked By Fidelity And Reliability

What makes a person truly trustworthy? As the Dalai Lama once said, it is not about power, loyalty, or friendship, but about personality. And when it comes to ranking the zodiac signs by loyalty as a partner, then we are talking about the emotional attachments of different zodiac signs, their preferences, and the tendency to quickly change decisions.
The fact is that sometimes the most reliable people are those who are most emotionally attached to their partner and blindly devoted to him. Although in reality, this is not always a virtue.
However, there is a beautiful middle ground between blind devotion and fornication. Some signs, such as Libra or Virgo, can balance these qualities. While other signs, such as Capricorn, will be too family-focused, and Sagittarius do not care about anything at all, except for their pleasure and their priorities.
You can’t say collectively that one sign is inherently more trustworthy than another, but it is possible to define basic traits of character and behaviors and therefore to make an inference. Such traits will help you understand whether you should let a certain zodiac sign be alone in the company of the opposite sex people or not. Whether to believe in his words or not. If one or another sign of the zodiac is capable of betraying its partner or being faithful to the end.

Here are the most faithful signs of the zodiac ranked from the most to the least reliable partner


Capricorns are the most reliable and faithful signs in the entire zodiac. If you ask them to keep a secret, they will become a steel repository of any secrets for you. You can safely let him go to parties because he will remain absolutely faithful to you and return home on time.
Capricorns love order, keep their word, and always fulfill promises. They feel most comfortable when they know they are doing something “right” by setting an example to others. Capricorn will not have secrets from you that can harm the relationship. That is why he ranks first in the rating of loyalty and reliability.


Cancer ranks second on the list of the most loyal and trustworthy zodiac signs because they are so heavily invested in relationships with people and in the family that they simply cannot be indifferent to the fate of the relationship. They do everything only for it.

Cancers have an acutely attuned sense of right and wrong. They try to live their life as honestly as possible, remaining faithful to their partner until the very end. The secret of Cancers is in the fact that they love their partner with all their heart, and treat people who treat them well as family. For him, very many people become a “family”, which he cannot offend by any means. Cancer will do whatever it takes to provide peace and tranquility for those he loves.


Libra can act as Don Juans and gossips who love attention, noisy companies, and indecisive partners. But this is only the first impression. In fact, Libra is not so dissolute and perfectly understands that love is much more than flirting. They understand that the family is a commitment that needs to be maintained and fulfilled. They are considered to be reliable partners who can only behave frivolously as long as they are not in relationships. Being a very passionate and ambitious sign, Libra can give his partner the hottest feelings. At the same time, you can always be sure that Libra will stay with you forever.


Scorpios can be harsh, can behave obscenely, can swear or show too much aggression, but this is one of the most reliable and faithful signs of the zodiac.

Scorpios have the unique ability to love deeply and powerfully. They become attached to the very soul of their partner and very often suffer because of this. However, Scorpios are very loyal partners in everything. These are people who will jump off a cliff for their loved ones, give away the shirt off their back and protect anyone if they really love.

You can always count on his support, care, and you can trust him implicitly. Only through love and passion Scorpio becomes a loyal and devoted partner. If there is no love, Scorpio begins to flirt with others, even if he is in a relationship.


Virgos can also be trusted because they look like slightly anxious parents. They are so busy worrying about everything around them that they will go to great lengths to keep their loved ones safe.

If your chosen one was born under the sign of Virgo, you can easily leave him alone, even with hundreds of fans, he will still remain faithful only to you. If it suits his interests and goals. Virgo becomes unreliable only because of the insincerity of interest. If she only pretends that she is interested in you, then you can expect anything. Otherwise, Virgo is as valuable as gold for relationships.


Aries has an ambiguous nature. You can always trust Aries, but only when your opinion about the right thing coincides with his opinion. Aries is so dependent on an internal understanding of right and wrong that even a loved one will not be able to change their mindset. What is beneficial for Aries will be considered right.

Aries is too logical and will not trust you if they doubt you even a little. And if he doubts you, then he will not consider himself obligated to remain faithful.

If the zodiac signs described above stay with you no matter what, Aries will be more and more stand-offish with you. As a result, mistrust can lead to a break in relations. This does not mean that Aries are two-faced, they just act on emotions and often do not see the whole picture.


Taurus is the most loyal zodiac sign. He is one of the most loyal partners who will do absolutely everything for close people. Nevertheless, there is another side of Taurus, which can be called dark. They are stubborn and will not do what they disagree with. They also tend to commit meaningless actions, even if they really understand that there is no point in them, just out of stubbornness. Therefore, they are not the most reliable partners, although they are some of the most faithful lovers and friends.


Aquarian’s way of thinking is unique, they can overwhelm their partner with care and love, but they do not like to pay attention to the little things. For example, they may not pay attention to the irritation of a loved one and continue to pester them with their feelings in the most sophisticated ways. Aquarians are selfish and love to do what they like. Moreover, Aquarians love the opposite sex. This set of characteristics prevents him from retaining the title of a loyal partner, but some exceptions remain loyal even when the partner gives them freedom from family obligations.


Gemini is two-faced. On the one hand, they can be head over heels in love with you, and on the other hand, they can forget about it in twenty minutes. Their mood changes quickly, opinions about people are not constant, and friendly relations can turn into passionate love relationships and hateful and hostile ones in an instant.

Gemini are interesting friends or partners, they are never boring, but they don’t always keep their word. Therefore, they are not trustworthy. At any moment, an explosion of emotions can occur, and they will almost certainly blurt out too much or do something inappropriate.


If you tell Leo any secret, he will keep it, be sure. But Leo always does only what is in his or his family’s interests. If he listens to you, it means that he cares about you. Otherwise, he will simply find more important things to do and leave. The same goes for love relationships. As long as he is interested in you, as long as he can protect you, he will be there. But as soon as he gets bored or life begins to go not the way he wants, he will leave.


Sagittarius is an explorer. They love to meet new people, get close to them, and then find other, not yet explored people. They are devoted to their soulmate, mostly. But to get the complete loyalty of Sagittarius, it is necessary to unquestioningly meet his requirements and not to prohibit him from meeting people. Sagittarius is not perfect, but it can be a loyal partner if you put in the necessary effort.


Pisces can be considered the greatest lovers and actors. They can deceive you without batting an eye, and later tearfully beg to forgive them. It is very difficult to keep family relations with them, because they are emotionally unstable, and in case of especially difficult family troubles, they can simply abandon you and find a new partner. Pisces are very interesting as a person but too fickle as partners in love.

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