Astrology: What does the horoscope of fate mean?

Each person is responsible for their own life and destiny. The conditions of growth and upbringing, the environment, innate data, inclinations, inclinations and abilities-all this determines a person’s life in the future and his fate. Along with this, the stars and planets also set a certain rhythm in which human life proceeds to a greater or lesser extent. In particular, the influence of the planet Uranus increases every seven years. Every twenty-first year of life marks a new important stage in the existence of the individual. We can say that the combination of the effects of the planets Uranus and Saturn programs the fate of man. The interpretation of this “program” is found in the horoscope of fate.

The individual life of each person consists of different stages: childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity, old age. At the same time, each age stage is associated with certain tasks in the professional, personal and household spheres. The fate of each individual depends on the key stages: the choice of profession, life partner, place of residence, apartment or house. The right choice at each of these stages allows you to make an individual life rich and full. The horoscope of fate allows you to take into account data on personal inclinations, inclinations, and predispositions as effectively as possible. Whether it is preferable for a certain person to live in a private house or apartment in an apartment building, in a city or rural area, to master a technical or humanitarian profession, to create marital unions with representatives of certain Zodiac signs – all these important tasks can help solve individual horoscopes.

Шилова Ольга

Written by Шилова Ольга

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