Astrology: 1 disgusting feature of each zodiac sign

Each sign of the zodiac has a character trait that leads to white heat. What can you do, there are no perfect people, everyone has disgusting features.

Aries: the habit of command.

An active sign of the zodiac loves to drive and demands full obedience. He is reluctant to compromise and bends his line. If the fault of Aries happened trouble, he will never admit to being the culprit. It’s all the fault of others.

Taurus: clumsiness.

The elephant in the China shop. Any fragile object that falls into his hands, instantly turns into a pile of fragments. Taurus is contraindicated to work as a waiter — he will certainly break a glass of wine or overturn a plate of hot soup on the client.

Gemini: seven Fridays a week.

A thoughtful zodiac sign that is used to analyzing and thinking about everything in detail. But Gemini is extremely fickle in decisions. They go to cafes, they don’t go, they get married, they don’t get married. Plans change as quickly as the weather in spring.

Cancer: disgusting mood in the morning.

Talking to Cancer in the morning is life – threatening. He will either send a good obscenity, or stare blankly out the window. Cancers are completely incapacitated at the beginning of the day. They need to swing to get involved in the work and start talking normally with others.

Leo: talking about your favorite person.

Lions love self-praise. They drive others mad when they spend hours talking about their success (even if they are not worth a damn). A lion should wear a crown on his head to demonstrate high self-esteem.

Virgo: skepticism.

Virgo any statement is questioned. They consider themselves authoritative experts, so they are skeptical of everything they are told. Devs are mistaken for self-confident know-it-alls. They love to demonstrate intellectual savvy, even if no one asks them to.

Libra: love is more important than friends.

The same zodiac sign that does not blink an eye will leave cronies for a pretty girl or guy. As soon as Libra falls in love, they completely forget about their friends. But as soon as they fall out of love, they immediately remember their friendship.

Scorpio: the shirking of hard work.

It infuriates others that Scorpio disappears as soon as you need to work hard. He prefers to give advice, rather than take a direct part in solving the problem. When Scorpio doesn’t want to work, he just gets in the way.

Sagittarius: the uncleanliness.

No, Sagittarians take a shower on time and go to the Barber shop. Just when they cook, they will certainly use all the kitchen utensils that are only in the kitchen. Everything will be dirty: ladles, spoons, bowls, meat grinder and even a pastry bag. Although Sagittarius just wanted to cook oatmeal. The disadvantage is that he will entrust someone else to clean up the mess, and he will calmly enjoy the oatmeal.

Capricorn: avarice.

The same friend who “forgets” to take his wallet to a restaurant. Capricorns count every penny. They work hard and are not used to spending money on small things. But their desire to save money reaches the handle. In direct sense. On the birthday of the girl they love, they can present a ballpoint pen. Without flowers, it’s too expensive.

Aquarius: suspicious.

Aquarians seem friendly and merciful, although they are always sharpened by a worm of suspicion. These are not people who will trust a stranger. They are reluctant to converge with others, always suspecting them of insincerity. Aquarians are afraid that they will be used for selfish purposes.

Pisces: forgetfulness and absent-mindedness.

They constantly lose their phones, keys, and glasses. Pisces will certainly forget the ticket at home and remember it before the train departs. Most often, Fish boxes are in complete chaos: receipts are in disarray, clothes rarely hang on hangers, but almost always lie under a chair. In the morning, the Fish are painfully looking for socks all over the apartment.

People aren’t perfect. In their character there are such features that frankly infuriate others. Here you need not be angry, but to be patient with other people’s shortcomings.

Anton Berg

Written by Anton Berg

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